The Fall

Everything comes to an end, and this blog is no exception. Writing and maintaining a blog like this is something I am unable to do. So I leave you all with this picture.

Picture 34


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Housing Released!

The beginning of an amazing feature to AQWorlds is here. That feature is obviously housing and despite this being a test release, it is already amazing. There are 4 houses to choose from at very reasonable prices and over 120 house items which are more expensive and rightly so. This is not just a release for Members as the Free Players can buy a 1,000 gold Cottage style house that has one room. Its not much but it is something and is a good preview of what you can get if you become a member.

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Sleuthound Inn

Artix Entertainment Description: Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test? Come to the grant opening of the SleuthHound Inn… a great mystery is afoot! (Erm… might be a hand too.) This new release features tons of new costumes, weapons, deadly furniture, and NPCs

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WarpForce Fan!

Your 108th destination for WarpForce information! Go to and view it now!

Note: 108th destination is a joke people.

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Coming Soon to AQWorlds!

On A Scale of 1-10:

– Whodunit Zone: A massive murder-mystery inspired dungeon!                               +9
– 2nd Lord of Chaos: Prepare yourself… the next Lord of Chaos is nearing!             +9
– Stats: Power up your character through the adventures that are coming!                +10
– Player housing and castles                                                                                                   +9
– PvP and Guilds                                                                                                                         +10

Overall: 47/50      94%

The future looks bright. This is my post for the week because I made the video and I am working on something big right now. The big release is tomorrow!

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=DF= A Plea for Help:=DF= A Plea for Help (HD)

=AQW= Review for June 5th:=AQW= Review of June 5th, 2009

The great part is that they are available in HD! The highest quality on YouTube.

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Pocket God Episode 17: Surf’s Up!

The best app for the iPhone/iPod Touch yet Pocket God gets better every week. If having two islands to explore complete with storms, volcanos, dinosaurs, outhouses, and hurricanes wasn’t enough, then this update should be. Warning! Spoilers follow!  Read the rest of this entry »

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