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Small Issues #1

Update: Shop disappeared on Wednesday.

I have seen some small issues in the game thus far that I would like to address here (I am only including 2). First is Quibble Coinbiter’s weekend shop. It is Tuesday morning and the shop is still available. Like with the special monthly pets of January and February which were removed around 1 week into the following month, it takes away from the special items. There is no point of it being a weekend shop if they remove it on Tuesday or later.

Second is the Lore Grimoire. It uses a simple interface to organize and let you replay content. So why haven’t they updated it with the Forest of Chaos and the Marsh of Chaos? I can’t imagine it being so hard to keep up with that. It is just a button that says Replay next to the name of what you are replaying.


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Friday 3/27/09 Release

This Friday we saw the introduction of a brand new zone, the Marsh of Chaos. Unlike the recent new areas this one is an actual zone and not a dungeon crawl. There is a button in Battleon, but if you want the real story you should head to King Alteon in Swordhaven where a dialogue between the king and a messenger will explain the situation. This new zone provides the set up for more information on the chaos infection and features 4 new quests and 2 new enemies.

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, AQWorlds +. This is a blog primarily focused on the game Adventure Quest Worlds ( by Artix Entertainment. I will update the blog frequently with reviews of updates and posts about in game issues.

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