Friday 3/27/09 Release

This Friday we saw the introduction of a brand new zone, the Marsh of Chaos. Unlike the recent new areas this one is an actual zone and not a dungeon crawl. There is a button in Battleon, but if you want the real story you should head to King Alteon in Swordhaven where a dialogue between the king and a messenger will explain the situation. This new zone provides the set up for more information on the chaos infection and features 4 new quests and 2 new enemies.

Valencia in the middle of Battleon now offers a bank. The only problem is that the bank costs Adventure Coins. In my opinion Adventure Coins are unnecessary and are hurting the game. Regardless the bank slots are purchased for 200 AC’s, for a maximum of 20 slots. In addition to inventory space you can now store 80 items in the game which is impressive. By default you get 40 spaces of inventory and through AC’s you can double that amount.

The inventory itself has also been merged. In the past there were two sections of the inventory, your regular items (20 slots) and your classes and armors (20 slots). Now the two have been merged into one large 40 item inventory. The new inventory has special icons for Armors and automatically sorts your inventory. Using buttons at the top you can sort by pet, weapons, helms, etc. This is an excellent new feature.

The good shop and evil shop got updates also with amazing new armors and weapons/helms/etc. Some of them were AC and others were members only. These new items really help to add to the division of good and evil players which gives AQW a unique feel. I look forward to seeing more of this in the future.

Finally, we were introduced to Quibble Coinbiter who offers to sell us used never before seen weapons. He currently stands in Battleon and will only be here for the weekend. Offering 1 free player item, 2 members, and 3 AC items it is expected they will show up in the game’s future. This update removed Twilly from Battleon (I don’t know where he went) and even updated the chat window for some NPC’s.


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