Small Issues #1

Update: Shop disappeared on Wednesday.

I have seen some small issues in the game thus far that I would like to address here (I am only including 2). First is Quibble Coinbiter’s weekend shop. It is Tuesday morning and the shop is still available. Like with the special monthly pets of January and February which were removed around 1 week into the following month, it takes away from the special items. There is no point of it being a weekend shop if they remove it on Tuesday or later.

Second is the Lore Grimoire. It uses a simple interface to organize and let you replay content. So why haven’t they updated it with the Forest of Chaos and the Marsh of Chaos? I can’t imagine it being so hard to keep up with that. It is just a button that says Replay next to the name of what you are replaying.


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  1. The Lore Grimoire probably won’t be updated until Chapter 3 of the Main Story officially starts.

    My understanding is that the Forest and Marsh of Chaos are kind of add-ons to help set the scene/keep some momentum, but not essential to the main storyline, hence not included in the Lore Grimoire.

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