Our First War: The Battle for Mobius

The first war of the game is here! Sadly it is member’s only. This war is helping them to test their war system, which works very well. In the war you can fight one of three new monsters in the inverted town of Mobius: the Fire Imp, Chaos Sp-Eye, and Cyclops Raiders. They each have rare drops, but they also drop Defender’s Medals. For every 5 you gain, you can turn them in to increase the war meter. Sometimes you will get a Mega Defenders Medal which can be turned in and counts for 5 I believe.

This war acts as a fun introduction to the 1st Lord of Chaos’ zone. The war is already 75% of the way complete, and will probably end today. I would like to see future wars with member and free player cooperation come very soon. In my opinion it isn’t fair the free players can’t help. Although the amount of enemies in the war is much lower than the amount of members playing, causing it to go by fast. The overnight slowdown has taken its toll though.


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