Our First War: The Battle for Mobius…Again?!

We all knew that the test war would become a new war for all players. But did it really become that? Because I see these differences:

  • Monsters in different places
  • Tower of Relativity is over water
  • Defenders Medals harder to get
  • Monsters have raised HP
  • 5 million medals needed
  • 3 Quests

Now let us begin with Members. None of us want to fight in this recycled war. It is exactly the same for us except it is now harder and has 2 new rewards requiring 20 and 50 Defenders Medals. In my opinion with the increase in difficulty of getting these medals, these quests are unappealing. Even if they look good. Also the Burning Staff of the Abyss now requires 100 Defenders Medals and it is Members Only. No one is going to get it from that quest seeing as Members just got it from the battle.

So the free players will play right? Wrong. All the incentives (mainly drops) are members. There are very few drops that are non-member and they are unappealing. This war is worse than the previous and poorly planned. Even if things are changed in the future, this is no way to release content. There really is no excuse for it.

And everyone keeps losing Defenders Medals because the game crashes unless you play in an instance with only you. There is little that anyone will gain from this war.


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