Easter Event

It all starts off with a simple egg hunt. Find the 15 hidden eggs in Battleon (which can be slightly tricky) and then get one of two items. The free player Egg Backpack which gives you hints when clicked on Or the Vorpal Bunny pet which gives you the quests for the very rare and difficult to get Berzerker Bunny set! This event encourages member and free player cooperation in order to achieve the new armor set.

This armor has amazing looks (and can transform if you click on the helm and sword) and is worth the farming. It is not easy to obtain, but once you do you will be happy.

There was also a Grenwog fight at /join grenwog and he is a very difficult monster to defeat without a near full instance. He drops the Grenwog Tooth which will become something rare…

I think this has been the most successful release in AQW history. I commend Artix Entertainment for creating an amazing community event which is fun because the game crashing can be fixed by turning Pets Off!


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