The End of The War…

Last Friday the war for Mobius ended. Despite some problems with the bosses it was overall an excellent ending. I have found myself enjoying the game very much now that I can stop crashes by disabling pets. At the end we got two new war bosses, the Forest of Three Worlds to explore, and rare drops.

The Forest of Three Worlds is of an amazing art quality. It looks very nice and I can’t wait to go on the quests through this zone. The drops look amazing too and some drop from Aracara a very special monster. This monster can create a web shield to block attacks while it heals. You need more than one person ,at least two, to defeat it.

Overall I give it a 9.5/10 due to bugs at the end of the war. Anyways it was a great war to start the game with. Also happy Earth Day everyone. Special items now available in AQW!


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