Last Friday: 4/24/09

First up is Quest of the Day. Valencia now offers a different quest for each day of the week that gives a new item. I think this is a great addition to the game because it encourages you to come back and play each day. I can’t wait to see more content like this in the future that takes the game from a “play when updated” game to a “you want to play daily” game.

Second was the AQW Referral system. Everyone gets a link that when someone signs up with, they get bonuses. They get a fraction of the gold and xp earned by that player daily and if they upgrade you get 250 ACs. This is another great system because it is balanced and will get more people playing the game.

Players who are  verified as upgraded in the other games now get access to special shops with their game weapon and armor. In the future the armor will be an actual class (after balancing is done) and more items will be added. This is a very great idea because it allows people who upgraded to show off and bring that universe into this one, matching the games theme. I especially can show off because I was in Alpha, Beta, I am a Founder, and upgraded in all 3 games but that is besides the point. 🙂

Lastly was a Members Only Preview for the Ruins zone. The ruins in Chiral Valley are absolutely amazing. J6 did an outstanding job with the art and it looks very nice. I can’t wait to see what else lies in there when the quests get released next week. Although I still wonder why the quests for the Forest of Three Worlds didn’t get launched this week.


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