5/1/09- May Begins

The main update this week was the 16 new quests for Chiral Valley. Your adventure begins in Mobius where you speak with one of two people, Renn is a good Runewarrior and Zio is an evil Illusionist. Thus you speak with the person of the side you picked. After completing those quests you can find Anna and Otto inside a house and view a cutscene of Escherion and his forces. Then the story moves to the Forest of Three Worlds, and if you are a member you get the quests in the Ruins also. I am amazed to see such a vast amount of story progression quickly and this was all a complete positive. There were no negative aspects here.

Some of the lesser known updates are the new emotes. You can now :

  • /airguitar
  • /facepalm
  • /cheer
  • /stern

New items were also released as drops and the Verification Shops was moved into the Guardian Tower of Battleon. This shop situation has helped to add a sense of realism to the game. This week was absolutely amazing and despite some bugs was excellent. I look forward to seeing more weeks like this in the future.

Coming This Week: The Tower of Relativity (Could this be the finale?)-Cinco de Mayo-Mother’s Day


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