Confronting Escherion and Project Story Expanded

This week in AQWorlds was very exciting, both for free and paying players. Lets start off though with things that don’t involve AQWorlds’ amazing storyline. The Mother’s Day shop opened today which is the second Holiday Shop this week (The 1st was the Cinco de Mayo shop). These shops are nice and I am glad to see them being added frequently for real life holidays.

Now we can talk about the story. Free players now have access to the ruins of Chaos Valley. The ruins held the quests to find the third and final piece of the Runix Cube. After that if you were a member, you can solve the Runix Cube by using a sliding puzzle minigame, and then go on some quests for a disguise to infiltrate the Tower of Relativity. Once inside you had to make your way through 3 locked doors (one is actually a portal) to get to Escherion. The cutscene revealed a lot about the story, and then we ended on a cliffhanger. Next week is most likely the end of Chaos Valley. It seems so short, but we have actually been in the valley for quite some time. The amount of content and style of gameplay makes it feel like a console game. I commend Artix Entertainment for this and I can’t wait to see the story of the game and its amazing adventures grow.

Now for Project Story. I have updated it once again with all the content for the Members Release this week. I also removed the “Presumably” from the Chapter description because I feel it is evident this is all part of Chapter 3. With each release I will continue to expand upon the photo album. Link: Yeah I also used Tiny URL this time.


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