Release, Meeting Artix, and Project Story Update

Project Story has just been updated! I added 2 new photos summarizing this weeks release. The link can be found on the new Project Story page.

So today we had 3 basic updates: New Version, Items, and the Hydra. I will start with the new version. Basically we got a nice new login screen and some buttons. It may not seem like much but it is very nice and I am glad they did it. Second was the items, the Good and Evil shops got more updates and it seems like this will be a regular thing which is a big plus. The Hydra is the next step in the chain and is available for everyone along with the Tower and it drops an amazing new armor set. Next week if everything goes well we should have our fight with Escherion.

And yes today I was extremely lucky and met Artix in Battleon-1 on Sir Ver. He is a very nice person, answered all of our questions, and even asked us some. It was an amazing experience and I am glad I got to well, experience it. No extreme information was disclosed but some was. Currently they have Stats and 2 other big projects that have been preventing smaller updates like the map and the Lore Grimoire which will be updated soon. After stats which as we all guessed was a big challenge, Artix hopes to release a new class every few weeks. Another thing is PvP will use special versions of the classes to avoid issues created in other games. PvP may be delayed, but Stats and Housing should be achievable within a few months. Also the MQ Artbook has a whole page dedicated to Lord Valoth which makes me happy. We mostly just had fun and there was no pressing for information. I told him I liked the storyline and my plan to work for them and even made him laugh due to the following:

nicknight: Artix I know something you don’t.

Timewarp (Me!): Grammar? Lolz

Artix: LOL!

So that was my experience that I wanted to share with you guys. Its a rare event and I would be happy to answer any of your questions about what it is like to meet him.

Picture 6



  1. ScifiTroll said

    Great update! I’ve always known that Artix was a great guy. How many other game designers show up in their own game and chat with players? I’m also looking forward to stats. This will give the game a great new dimension.

  2. tw25 said

    Stats should be great. I wonder how we will train them though. I suspect it will be like DragonFable where we pay money but if it could work like MechQuest where fight to get stats and get xp and gold whole doing it, that would be great.

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