Showdown with Escherion: Saving Chiral Valley

Where do I begin?Today was the our first fight against a Lord of Chaos and it certainly was a fun one. After completing the 25 quests in Chiral Valley you can head into the crashed tower to fight Escherion himself. And it is a special fight, like Aracara. After taking some damage the Staff of Inversion comes and must be defeated before the Chaos Lord will take anymore damage. The Lv 25 boss provides a challenge and has some amazing drops. I am very impressed with the finale to all of this. To think it was started with a simple war and has ended in this is amazing. Who knows what is in store for the Second Lord of Chaos?

After defeating him you get to meet up with a Time Travel Fairy to replay parts you want to replay. You also unlock a new Good and Evil shop. The main difference is a new 1k AC armor. The Good get the Solaris Knight armor and the Evil get the Lunaris Sentinel armor. I am very impressed, once again, at their good/evil split. It affects a lot and it definitely should.

Another update is Fullscreen mode. Having trouble? Select Normal size for the game and then try to go into Fulscreen. It is just amazing…..oh and I forgot to mention Warp Force! The new AE game coming in July 2009, (beta for Guardians starts on the 3rd). I will definitely be reviewing this game too as well as chronicling the story with Project Story 2. So you can definitely expect that. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Not many people do right now, but I expect those numbers to increase soon. Blog version updated to 2.1 also because I have now added categories and I am filtering my posts.



  1. DragonLord2572 said

    I battle him a little and then, it freezes, but I can still move and tsuff. The eye thingy in front of him looks around and tsuff and I can’t attack. Is this a glitch??? Or, part of the challenge????? Please help. I need an answer now!!!!!

  2. tw25 said

    Don’t worry it is just a bug. The challenge part is fighting the Staff while it is protecting Escherion. The staff is working on getting it fixed and everything should be good soon enough.

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