Mini-Wars! (And the Exciting Future)

Its very difficult to find a starting point for these amazing releases. Lets start with the Summer Shop. A nice new cash drain (its a good thing) that has some nice new items. I am a huge fan of these real life parallel shops. So thats great! Now to the mini-wars….

At random intervals mini-wars can now show up. Twilly in Battleon will take you to them and they are very fun! They can last from an hour to a few days and give a great opportunity to pick through the limited window of availability Battle and Boss shops. Simply the Battle Shop, requires Battle Prizes and the Boss Shop requires boss prizes. At 100% the boss unlocks and the war ends soon after that. I think this is an amazing addition and it works very well. Very few issues here. There is more text under the picture, BTW.

/facepalm Moment #1: Well probably not really one, but I forgot the AQW Battle Bar! This is a new toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer that supplements AQW. It also converts your searches in yahoo to AC’s! Every 10 searches equals 1 coin.

The Test Mini-War

And now to talk about “(And the Exciting Future)” part of the title. If you don’t have the newsletter, then read this:

We have just added Achievements, Color Customization, and Elemental Resistance to the list of things in development. We have made a lot of progress on Stats and we would like to set up a member-only test server where players can help us test and balance the new system. Also, Minimal has been rebalancing the classes to regen mana during combat. Once stats go live we will be able to start releasing new full classes and new damage increasing enchancements. (… and PvP will not be far behind) Finally, J6 has crafted the first draft of player owned housing. With Summer here, the team is in crazy crunch time overdrive mode! … and OMG, the 2nd Lord of Chaos will appear soon.

The amount of new features detailed in that post are extraordinary! Should I analyze them all? I think I will:

  • Achievements: Ways to show off your accomplishments? Can’t wait!
  • Color Customization: Customization is always a plus. Can’t wait!
  • Elemental Resistance: Complex battle systems are good! Can’t wait!
  • Stats (and the Test Server): Amazing! As I said, complex battle systems are good! Can’t wait!
  • Balanced Classes/ New Classes: Who doesn’t want this? Can’t wait!
  • PvP: I feel we could live without this for a while, but it is a necessary and great feature nonetheless. Can’t wait!
  • Player Owned Housing: Could be AC dominant but that is okay because it is a side feature. Can’t wait!
  • 2nd Lord of Chaos: I am in love with the plot of everything. Can’t wait!

And that brings me to the end of this week. Thank you all for your support to this blog. I am integrating more pics into it so, Version 2.2!


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