Pocket God Episode 17: Surf’s Up!

The best app for the iPhone/iPod Touch yet Pocket God gets better every week. If having two islands to explore complete with storms, volcanos, dinosaurs, outhouses, and hurricanes wasn’t enough, then this update should be. Warning! Spoilers follow!  The newest update introduces the tsunami that can be summoned by moving the water back and forth. But that isn’t the part that kills the pygmies. Instead it drags them deep down into the water to some ancient ruins. There you will find a statue (similar to the one on Oog Island) that has a button on it! Pressing it will launch a spear that will skewer a pygmy or two and drag it into its mouth. Once you are done drag up and the pygmies return to the island!

Underwater Ruins

In addition to that fixes were made to the God Status screen allowing you to save. I am always impressed by the work Bolt Creative does and I absolutely love Pocket God. I feel that by this point, the game could go a month without any updates and still be fun to play. Updating is no longer as necessary, but Bolt Creative is continuing to do so only increasing this game’s awesomeness. Next week is mainly a cleanup update, but also introduces achievements thus adding to the life of the game. By the time I get bored of Surf’s Up, Episode 18:Fun n’ Games until A Pygmy Gets Hurt will be here.


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