Sleuthound Inn

Artix Entertainment Description: Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test? Come to the grant opening of the SleuthHound Inn… a great mystery is afoot! (Erm… might be a hand too.) This new release features tons of new costumes, weapons, deadly furniture, and NPCs

This is quite possibly one of the nicest updates I have ever seen. This is an entire game within the game! With over 300 different outcomes it never gets boring and actually inspired me to buy Clue for $4.99 for my iPod Touch. I think it is really amazing and offers a very fun mystery that replaces murder with possession of tables and chairs, and has a twist ending.

The dynamic war having the sneevils invade Battleon was great. I love to see visual progression of wars that respond to what is happening, it adds a lot of depth. The Lore Grimoire was also updated again and it is amazing! I love the new art and the Achievements. Soon I will have every A.E. achievement, right after my Save Chuckles shirt arrives. Overall this week was amazing. This would even make a month of the bleakest of updates amazing.

Lore Grimoire


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