Housing Released!

The beginning of an amazing feature to AQWorlds is here. That feature is obviously housing and despite this being a test release, it is already amazing. There are 4 houses to choose from at very reasonable prices and over 120 house items which are more expensive and rightly so. This is not just a release for Members as the Free Players can buy a 1,000 gold Cottage style house that has one room. Its not much but it is something and is a good preview of what you can get if you become a member.

It all begins by clicking the new House button on the menu bar and then you get to buy your house and items for it. Then the button will take you to your house and the customization is easy. You click the House Items button and then equip the items for the room. They drop in and you drag them in place and click save. Then you move onto the next room and continue the process.

This is just the start and a new Craftsman Class, New House Models, and Interactive Items are coming in the near future. I can’t wait to see how AE expands upon it and look forward to buying a flying fortress or mansion or whatever else they come up with.

Picture 11


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