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=DF= A Plea for Help:=DF= A Plea for Help (HD)

=AQW= Review for June 5th:=AQW= Review of June 5th, 2009

The great part is that they are available in HD! The highest quality on YouTube.


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New Poll Up!

This is a simple “What If” poll where you can be any alignment in AQWorlds.

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Which Fringe Character Are You?

I have now officially completed my “Which Fringe Character Are You?” quiz app for Facebook. You can take the quiz here:Which Fringe character are you?

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Project Story Updates

I am slightly behind on Project Story, located here:

What I have to do:

  • Add Slugfit DONE!
  • Add Escherion DONE!
  • Add Golem DONE!

I’ll update this post when I am finished. Then on Friday I will get the Tower of Relativity up along with the possible Escherion fight.

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